High waist Jeans

(I am a bat woman!😂)

Every girl should get a high waist jeans  isn’t it?

Even you are short, it will makes you looks better. 😉  Before I do not like jeans that much but now I love to have not just one piece. 😝

If you like to pick, remember to pick the skinny one. I like skinny and tight. lol

The high waist jeans with high heels are prefect match, they make my legs looks longer. To be honest, I am 157-160 cm. 🙈

Even in casual wear, it is comfortable and a nice choice to mix and match.

So from now on, remember to pick a high waist jeans.

每個女仔都要有一條高腰牛仔褲,無錯,佢絕對會將你雙腿變長左😂 尤其係著埋高踭鞋,簡直係絕配! 😝

無論casual wear 定去食飯、飲嘢,都係一個好選擇😉 快啲記住買條,將佢加入你衣櫃啦!


  • Jeans: H&M  HKD$99
  • Top + shoes : H&M


***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享!
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!



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