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BBQ Military 


The yellow stuff surrounded the fire is egg, you can eat it! 😆)


To be honest, I have been those Korean bbq restaurant but this one was the new style for me. I have never been to Korea so I know nothing of their food. However, I feel quite nice of this shop. The decorations, food and atmosphere, etc. It seems not bad to me. 💋 I went here with my friends and we celebrated my birthday. It was quite surprised to me. Lol. 😂 It is a good idea to celebrate your friends birthday there. 😆🙈 Haha

其實,我從來沒有研究過韓國的燒烤是怎麼樣的。當我來到這家的時候,對於我來說是新奇的。😂 這裡的氣氛對於我來說,是挺不錯的,可能是因為新鮮感吧!我覺得這家的食物挺好,可是我到過的韓燒不多,還有我對食物的要求不高,所以給不了太多的評語。😝

還有,我個人認為,很多東西要自己去試才知道,每人看法不一樣,我覺得好,別人可能覺得不好,對嗎? 😏

  • 18/F, Tai Hung Fai (Tsuen Wan) Centre, 55 Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan
  • 荃灣眾安街 55號大鴻輝中心 18樓
  • Mon – Sun 12:00-00:30
  • 2408 1628
  • More details, please Google it
  • 如以上資料有任何更新,本人未必知情,敬請在網絡搜索  About the information of the restaurant, please feel free to search on the Internet, thank you!


***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享,每人口味不同。
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!


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