Cheek Blush

I tried those cheek blush, about the Etude House one. When I saw it, I felt it is cute and I need the cheek blush that moment so I bought it. I am not good at study in any cosmetic products and never know which one can last longer on my face. I never feel it can last long on my face and the H&M one is the same as cannot last long. However it is cheap, big and simple design made me buy it. LOL

The reason I bought the benefit one because the sale advisor recommend me and I tried a little bit. First brought it back home and used it, I can smell it because it is a flower. When you open it, you can see there is an mirror and a brush inside. After I use it a while, it is not easy to be gone and can last longer than another two. I saw it on the cotton after I used the remover.

Everyone has a different feeling in different cosmetics, those I just feel suitable or not suitable for me. I hope everyone who likes make up can find their own suitable products!

Thanks for reading!

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用完Etude House 的胭脂後,現在轉用benefit 的胭脂。老實說,我並不懂如何選擇胭脂,不知道如何持久。我對胭脂都幾無感,benefit 的胭脂,打開的時候,會看見入面有一塊境和一個細掃,掃上臉的時候,有一股淡淡的香味。而Etude House,當初買下它的時候,很興奮,因為我覺得它小巧可愛,不禁將它買下。如果和我對胭脂沒什麼大要求的人,都可以選擇它的。關於benefit的,都是在我接受的範圍內,它是挺持久的,妝在臉上一段時間後,還有少許在面上,變成自然紅潤。當晚上卸妝的時候,在化妝棉上也看到一層紅紅的。

在早前的時候,買了H&M的胭脂膏及唇膏,但唇膏一直沒有用,事關唇太容易敏感,到現在還沒有勇氣塗!😂 胭脂膏,無論我搽多少在臉上,都很快脫妝。只不過它的價錢非常便宜,外貌又簡樸(我是喜歡這種調調的💋),所以我買下它一試!看樣子,它算挺大盒的了,如用量少的話,都可以用很久,Etude House的那個,也用了很長時間。


***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享,每人喜好 / 膚質不同
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!



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