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Lee Tung Avenue 

[All outfits from H&M]

(我像是望著她的…… 😳 Look like I was staring on her… LOL)

I heard the Lee Tung Avenue before, my friend and I were thinking about it is a avenue of the private buildings. They built it for gimmick! When we arrived, I found out it is a good area for people who likes to take photos. It is European style and many different chain store there, for example benefit. I did not know is that our problems or there is a shopping mall because we just saw a street there. We finished the walk so fast from the entrance to exit. However, I came back home and check from Internet. It said that is a shopping mall but we just could not see any mall there. Anyway, it is a area and next time I will go back and check is it a shopping mall! LOL.

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前面提及到我並不了解它,回家上網查了資料後,發現原來它是一個商場,設有三層,朋友和我都很驚訝,我們以為它只是私人樓宇一街道。我們在那裡的時候,發覺街道很短,很快走完,都有「咁就行完嫁了?!」的感覺。沒有看見任何通道通往另一處地方,只看到由一個入口行到另一出口,究竟是我們沒有留心,還是我看的資料有誤呢? 😆不過,下次也會再走一趟,找出答案!😋

  • All outfits from H&M


***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!



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