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There is a rooftop lounge in Wanchai, I love the atmosphere of the lounge and it is a restaurant downstairs of the lounge. In the lounge, you can see the view of Happy Valley, Wanchai and Victoria Harbour!

I like there because of the atmosphere, music and drinks! You should come here if you have a date with friends, love, meeting new friends, or private parties, events of companies. The 31 floor is the steakhouse and rooftop is the lounge, you can go to the rooftop continue the meeting after finish the meal!

I was trying to take some photos of the view and the lounge but I just worry the people do not like it, that is why there is a corner of the lounge on my photo! Many people take photos there of those views, yes, pretty there and I have been there few times already! The price of the drinks are around $110 or above. I ordered the two cocktails – Mango Cosmo and Mango Mojito HKD$115 per each and the apple cider is HKD$85. I like Mojito and the Mojito in this lounge is one of my favourite!

If you will go to visit the lounge, please remember to bring a jacket because it is quite windy there. I have been there few times, it was windy and once I forgot to bring one! The consequence – try to be tough and tell myself not cold at all! LOL

Thanks for reading! 😆


是否很漂亮呢?這裡是一次朋友帶我來的,然後,就變成我帶其他朋友來。😂 它是有兩層,分別是在31樓的餐廳和頂樓的露天酒廊(rooftop lounge),到過這裡的rooftop lounge幾次了,今天主要說的都是它了。😆

這是一處可以與朋友聚舊或與人約會的好去處,在這裡,讓我可以一邊喝著酒和看到夜景,以及一整片的天空,聽著不同的音樂,與朋友談著天,這都是我喜愛的!❤️ 它是木製裝潢設計的,在那裡感受到簡潔,再者,那裡的燈光柔和,令到人可以心情放鬆。還有,可欣賞到灣仔,跑馬地和維港的夜景!😁

我本想將它拍照下次,但怕坐著的客人不喜歡,因此只拍到一角。也有不少人拿出手機拍下景色,可惜很少看到有人拍下它的樣貌,所以我不太敢。😂 並且,不太想用閃光燈,周遭的燈光柔和,環境暗,令我拍不到點了的酒。😩

這裡的收費也是高的,想是因為它是高級餐廳。一支Apple cider都要$85,個人喜愛cocktail,便叫了Mango Cosmo 和 Mango mojito($115@1),曾喝過幾間酒吧的Mojito,這間的,挺合我心意。



  • 31/F & Rooftop The Hennessy, 256 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
  • 香港灣仔軒尼詩道256號 31樓&天台
  • Daily 11:45am to 2:30pm & 6pm to 11pm
  • Rooftop Lounge: Daily 3pm till late
  • 2893 6960
  • 多分店,more than 1 shop
  • More details, please Google it
  • 如以上資料有任何更新,本人未必知情,敬請運用網絡搜索 About the information of the restaurant, please feel free to search on the Internet, thank you!


***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享,每人口味不同。
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!



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