Now You See Me 2


Yes, I went to watch Now You See Me 2 alone! I am ok for watching a movie alone in cinema. 😆

About the movie, I heard some people said it is not good as the first one. Well, I like it! The role of the movie is “revenge” that is what I see, so it is ok for me! The 4 Horsemen, I like them as before even they have a new girl inside. I felt quite nervous when I watched they stole the stuff inside “the laboratory room” (something like that lol).

When I watched the trailer before, I quite like the shot of “raining”! It looked like he can stop the rain, but truth… 😏 My friend told me before ‘I watched it that is a science’ , made me feel sad, why did she tell me that is a science. However, they explained how to stop the rain, if you wanna know, you have to go to watch it. 🤓

In the movie, I never think about Dylan’s dad and Thaddeus were friends. I thought he was guilty to Dylan when they played back Dylan’s childhood time and told us how was Dylan’s dad died, that shot Thaddeus’s face is guilty and shocked for the kid.

I never think about Merritt has a twins brother, so funny, they knew how to play a same trick. LOL

At the end, Daniel Radcliffe, I felt that he is good at acting, no matter what the people said, I like him. He was extremely shocked when they told the whole world Walter Mabry still alive, his eyes are red!

Thanks for reading!


是的,我又自己一人去看戲了,這次是「Now You See Me 2」,香港譯名為「非常盗2」。


這次,故事中的「4騎士」,唯一的女成員,換了人,她和「4騎士」中的Jack 有感情線(一直覺得他是帥的😳,可惜長不高😭!)

這故事,我看到的,是復仇。由Dylan對Thaddeus報復,D認為 T 害死了他的父親;由Daniel Radcliffe飾演的Walter Mabry(Tressler)和他的父親 —— Arthur Tressler對「4 horsemen」的報復。演員的演技是很好的,當看到他們在偷那張晶片時,我很緊張!😅😂  

猜不到 T 與 D 的父親是朋友,在電影開始時,播出 D的父親如何表演將自己鎖在夾萬,然後,將夾萬掉入水裏,但最後,鎖解不到,浸死了。那一幕,我看到 T 看D 的眼神,是愧疚,但猜不到他們是朋友? 🤓

在看預告時,我很喜歡J. Daniel表演的那個魔術,他將雨點暫停了,令到我很喜歡,在我看這電影前,朋友已告訴我這是用科學方法弄出來的。在電影中,也有解釋是怎樣弄出來的。我還是很喜歡這個魔術,即使,這個魔術不是真的!❤️


希望你們也喜歡這電影 —— 非常盗 2 Now You See Me 2


***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享,每人口味不同。
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!



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