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Aachen, Germany 

This is Aachen, Germany. I did not know the city before I arrived. Well, I checked online after I left the town. It is a border town, and near Nederlands and Belgium. I guess I will go more different towns because I feel like driving to towns are more close than the city!

The day we went to Aachen was on Sunday, and there is no shop open on Sunday like always! LOL. It was so quiet there! However, many people were walking around on the street.



This is the restaurant / bar we went for lunch! I ordered sausages and beer – famous in Germany. My love ordered the fish because he is vegetarian! LOL. I like potatoes so most western food I ate, I would like to with the potatoes, not fries! I was reading the menu, and totally forgot that fried sausages are the one I like because I thought it is deep fried sausage! That was why I ordered the steam sausage! It was so bad that I did not order fried sausages when I was in Germany!


當我看見餐牌,不知發什麼神經,以為「fried sausages」是炸腸。因此我錯過了在德國吃煎腸仔的機會!😭 我下單點了蒸/水煮腸仔,雖然,還不錯。但我回想起來,很後悔!😡😖 個人食西餐,比較喜歡配薯蓉多過炸薯條,所以點了薯泥。


The outfits I wore that day, it was around 11-13 degrees celsius so I felt a bit windy and cool!




We went to a cafe and ordered the ice-cream share together. The staff was asking ‘one ice-cream’? around twice, I guessed it was because more than one people but we ordered not much things! LOL.

走著走著,看到了這咖啡廳,是一家意大利咖啡館。某人明明說想喝咖啡,但到最後我們點了雪糕,幾好味!!!💋🤔😍 有機會會再吃它!


Before we left, we walked to the shop, I saw this vodka. It is small and cute, €0.99. I could not stop myself to buy it! When I back home, I put it inside the fridge. Few days later, I mixed it with Fanta!


If you wanna know more about Aachen, I found some links:


***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享,每人口味不同。
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!



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