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Dislike food in 2016

2017 soon, I was swiping my photos on my phone. I saw so many food photos and I still remember how did they taste like. There are good and bad, when I saw some photos, I can remember taste how terrible of them to me!

準備踏入2017年了,當我在重看手機的相簿時,看到了一些食物照片,令我想起食物的味道。一些好味的,令我印象深刻,但那些可怕的,也令我不能遺忘!這一篇,便是說那些我看到照片,也遺忘不了的味道。 🙄



  • The cocktail

To be honest, I could not remember the name of this drink. I could remember it was strong flavour and it might be tequila! I was forcing myself to finish this drink! LOL.




  • Appetizer

Awwwww, I do not know the western food should be like what? However, this appetizer, wow, it was terrible for me! I was not sure this was appetizer or snack! I dislike to eat this kind of chilli so much and this was taste like chilli! But it was not spicy and it was cold. After I ate this stuff, made me did not want to eat the next dishes. LOL


而且,它的賣相並不討好,我將它放進口時,頓時面上的表情也變了!😂 把它吃完後,我對後來的食物很擔心,幸好的是,食物也不差,我還挺喜歡呢!


  • Bread in China town

I did not try all of them, just two of them. Sigh! I did not expect it will be taste fantastic but I was quite disappointed! I lived in Hong Kong, I ate bread, cannot say eat them everyday but not a short time! I never taste a bread like this in my life! ( Anyway, I am not old! LOL ) When my love brought the bread home, they were cold already, I put them inside the oven and made them warm a bit.  Before I put them inside my mouth, I was expecting they will be taste like those bread that I was eating in HK! However, it taste like nothing, I ate the wife cake. It cannot compare with anyone in HK!

I ate “肉鬆包”, aweeee, I asked my love do not buy me this bread anymore! I cannot tell how did this bread taste like, I do not have any words can describe them!

Anyway, I did not try another bread, and they can be taste not bad. To me, I do not want to try any of them! LOL








All of them just my feelings, maybe another will like the food I said.

Wish everyone Happy New year! Healthy in 2017!




Thanks for reading! 💋


***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享,每人口味不同。
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!



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