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Osaka Ohsho

Osaka Ohsho, I never go to this restaurant but I heard it before. I like the food I ate this time! 💕

大阪王將,這間日本餐廳,以前有聽過,但從來沒光顧。這一次偶然可以去試一試,挺喜歡! ❤️


After my friends and I watched the movie, we went to Osaka Ohsho. We planned to go to Marugame. However, we went to there and saw many people there, and we did not want to wait too long. We changed our plan and saw there are some restaurants in Aeon opposite to Tsuen Wan Plaza. We saw omelet with rice and they were attractive!😁

星期日那天,和朋友看完電影後,本計劃去丸龜製麵吃烏冬的。但無奈,那店不大,加上是星期日,好多人!🙄 我們便行去在它的對面的灣景廣場 — 永旺,我們看到蛋包飯,便走進去了!❤️ 🍳

We read the menu and picked the omelet with rice, I picked Japanese rice, eggs with cheese, eel and bbq sauce. I asked for well done of eggs. 🍳

I was so happy when I saw the rice on the table because it looked delicious! After I took the photos of the food, I put the bbq sauce inside the rice immediately. The sauce tasted like tomato, I do not know how describe it and I love it! I finished all the rice and I felt so full! 😏






I did not feel these dumplings any special of them and I shared them with my friends. I will not order them anymore!

  • Shop G03, G/F, Aeon, Skyline Plaza, 88 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, NT
  • 荃灣大河道88號灣景廣場購物中心AEON超級市場地下G03舖
  • 2498 0778
  • Mon – Sun 11:00-22:30
  • 多分店,more than 1 shop
  • More details, please Google it
  • 如以上資料有任何更新,本人未必知情,敬請運用網絡搜索 About the information of the restaurant, please feel free to search on the Internet, thank you!


***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享,每人口味不同。
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!


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