The Boss Baby 

The Boss Baby

I like this movie, it is a cute movie. The idea of the movie is amazing! 👀

I watched it in Cantonese version and my friend got a cheap tickets so I went with her! The point is I am interested in this movie! 💕

He is cute to wear a suit, with a suitcase and get some paper works! The baby has a steel safe in his bedroom and it is keeping his milk safe! 😂😂😂 At the beginning, he was dancing and walking to the door of his family! 👶🏻

The movie started from the 7 years old boy, it was talking about his imagination! 😂 Once, his parents told him ‘Do you want a brother?’ He said ‘no!’ and he started to imagine how is baby come? The scene was showing us there is a baby factory – the babies are come from there. LOL. They have a system to control the babies! 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻

The movie explains why does the boss baby went to his new family. The reason is he needs to investigate the dog factory – new kind of dog. The dogs are the babies’ enemies because the people like to have a dog more than a baby in the family!

The 7 years old kid does not like his new baby brother and he felt weird of the baby is wearing suit and with suitcase all the time. However, his parents do not feel any strange part so he started to stare on his baby brother and tried to find out what is wrong of the baby!

Later on, he found out the baby can talk! 😁 The baby started to talk to him but did not tell him why was he here! 😆

The baby has the mission of find out the new type of dog from dog factory. After that, he can become super boss baby!

After few scenes, the kid and the baby are working together because the kid wants the baby leaves his family and the baby wants to finish his mission! Many funny shots when they are together! One was they went to the dog factory because their parents were working in the company, they tried to find out so the kid asked the baby wears the customs of the dog!

They went inside a room and saw a file. They touched the file but realised that is a trap and the boss of the dog company caught them! 🤔 The boss baby found out the leader of the dog company was the super boss baby, the boss baby he likes – he becomes an adult! It is because the special milk is not work for the super boss baby so he cannot keep himself as a baby and he grew up! The baby factory kicked him out of the company, the super boss baby felt they betrayed him so he decided to revenge the baby factory! He opened the dog factory  and made a special dog – never grow up! (Stay as a baby dog) He made a trap for that brothers because he wants to special milk from the boss baby and he got it!

At the end, the story is talking about how did the brothers go to Las Vegas to stop the new baby dog announcement campaign! They stopped it and the boss baby left the family and become a super boss baby.

However, he is not happy on it and the kid finds out he loves his baby brother so he wrote a letter for the baby said, ‘I will give you all of my love!’ The super boss baby read the letter and decide to go back the family and become a normal baby, grow up!

I like the movie and the babies are so cute there and when they fight with guy sitter! I would like to watch this movie one more time!

Happy ending!

My friends and me were thinking about whole story is the 7 years old kid’s fantasy!



在電影開始的時候,是說1位7歲的男孩 — 提姆,很喜歡幻想!他喜歡幻想很多東西,如冒險、拯救他的父母、打倒壞人等等。他的父母,不論多忙,都會說床邊故事和唱歌,也很疼愛他。

有一天,他的父母問:「想不想要一個弟弟?」他說:「不想,他一個人便夠了!」然後,他想,嬰兒是如何來的?電影鏡頭的另一面,開始播放,嬰兒的由來 — 是從嬰兒工廠生產出來的!😂




但後來,他讓提姆知道了嬰兒工廠和他到這家庭來是有一個任務 — 調查狗工廠的新品種狗!原來,嬰兒工廠與狗工廠是對頭的!狗的出現和品種越來越可愛,令到大人只想飼養狗隻,不想育有嬰兒,因此令到嬰兒工廠的生產率逐漸下降!





***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享,每人口味不同。
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!



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