H&M Cosmetics 

H&M cosmetics, I bought them because I worked in H&M before and I saw them all the time. I feel the design of them are pretty and simple. They are attractive! ❤️


上圖的5件化妝品,除了唇膏沒有用,我都很喜歡!(胭脂膏:Cheek Blush)其實,化妝海綿是很方便。但自從我用了BB cushion,海綿都不用買了!😆

Above the photo, except the lipsticks I never use them before. The Cheek Blush and those sponge I used them before and I like them. However, I am using BB cushion now and the sponge I do not need them anymore! 😁

I never use the lipsticks because of my lips are quite sensitive and I worry they are not suitable for my lips!


That cheek blush cream I bought it because of the simple design but I found out it cannot last long on my face so at the end I stopped to use it!



I love the packages of cosmetics from H&M! They have simple design and I feel the design is elegant! I cannot stop myself to buy them! Eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, lipsticks, eye liner, etc. You can see them from the two photos!


Do not think the price of the cosmetics is cheap and they will be bad cosmetics! I want to say they are excellent for me! I was worrying that they are not good but I found out they are not bad!

不要認為它們便宜,就很差,對我而言,它們是不錯!👍 我在用之前,有一點點擔心,後來,發現我很喜歡!

The cheek blush compares with the cream one, this one can last so long on my face. I guess at least 4-5 hours.


The powder is good for my skin, how to say, the make up can stay long that my face after use it.


I like the color of the eye shadows I bought, especially the brown one. It looks pretty after I put it on! However, it was bad that I dropped it on the floor before and it broke. After that, I bought a new one and I dropped it accidentally AGAIN! Until now I did not buy a new one yet because I rarely do make up recently!


The eye liners I tried the white and silver one, I like them, they are not easy to be gone!


The eyebrow pencil is not special for me but I will buy it again after finish.


The lipsticks made my lips a bit dry after I put them on after a while but I love the color of them!

唇膏,唇膏和香水,對我而言,吸引力非常大!😆 上圖可以見到,我一買便買了6支!💕 它的唇膏,滋潤度可再提高,但我百分之百(非常)喜愛它們的顏色,真的是有很多種顏色可以選擇!😍😍😍

After I finish them, I would love to buy them one more time!



***本文章只屬個人感受 / 分享,每人喜好 / 膚質不同
*** Different people have different feeling, this article is for sharing, THANK YOU for Reading!



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